Sacred Purification Ritual

start from USD 55/pax


Sacred Purification Ritual - Release Block and Spiritual Healing

Water represents flow of energy (known as prana or chi), connected to emotion and intuition. The flow of water guides daily life on Bali. Water plays an important rule and believed by Balinese to be one of the forces of life. Balinese Hindus participate in water blessings regularly called, Melukat, a spiritual cleansing ritual aimed to achieve self purification both body and soul. Balinese Hindus believe water poured all over the body, symbolizing the eradication of any negative and dark forces acquired from negative karma in both present and past life, that might overshadow one's life.

Journeying on a Sacred Water Purification pilgrimage with a Traditional Master encompasses mysterious and ancient rituals to cleanse our being and eradicate negative and often unseen forces that might overshadow our life. This unique spiritual journey will guide you through a genuine purification healing ritual and will help explain this deeply symbolic experience. Many report this as their foundational Balinese experience; a significant journey which positively influences long after the event.

Arriving at the Mirah Delima Institute, you will meet your Journey Master and discuss your interest in the water purification journey and what you are hoping to experience through this ritual. The Master/s will also identify the particular approach that will best align with your interests and needs, including consideration for any mobility matters to access the site.

Additional locations for specific sacred water purification procedures based on a full day journey are available, and may include rituals based at a holy water spring, on the beach, by a lake or within a temple.


Bali Sacred Purification Rates

Activities Rate per person Duration
Sacred Purification Ritual US$ 55  8 hours


Terms and conditions

  • Rates above are net in US$ inclusive of government tax and service charge
  • Rates inclusive of Ritual Equipments, Offerings, Transportation, Entrance tickets, Master, Sarong & Scarf
  • Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to activities to ensure availability
  • Please arrive 20 min prior to your booking. This allows proper time to complete a short health form and guarantee the full treatment experience
  • For purification you are required to wear your own swimwear and for others activities you may wear a comfortable outfit
  • To maintain a peaceful atmosphere integrated with nature please do not smoke and free alcohol. In addition we kindly ask that you refrain from speaking loudly and please turn off your mobile phone while joining the activities
  • Transportation to and from your hotel – pick up and drop off are subject to availability with additional cost


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