High Priest Blessing, Healing, Purification

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Ida Rsi Suryayana is one of high priests in Bali which perform water blessing ceremony for those who want to experience purification in a truly unique and transformative way based on Balinese ritual ceremony. These water blessing aims to cleanse and purify one’s evil influence caused by the imbalance of 3 material energies: Satwam, rajas, and tamas. It also aims to provide medical treatment for persosn afflicted with disease, remove ‘stains’ and ‘dirt’ on a new born baby, cleansing the groom and bride from ‘stains’ and ‘dirt’ in a traditional Balinese wedding ceremony, and a ceremony for glory and prosperity from your leaders when you perform your duties.

Water blessing can be performed any time, but normally on an auspicious day such as ‘Kajeng Kliwon’ (a day in the Balinese calendar which is believed to have magical power), ‘Purnama’ (full moon), ‘Tilem’ (new moon), or a variety of others depending on the situation, needs and goals of the individual.

Rate for Blessing, Purification, and Healing are based on donation. Please contact us if you need transportation to pick you up anywhere in Bali area.  

Activities  Rate per person Duration
Blessing, Purification US$ 60 90 minutes


Terms and conditions

  • Rates above are net in US$ inclusive of government tax and service charge
  • Rates inclusive of Ritual Equipments, Offerings, Transportation
  • Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to activities to ensure availability
  • Please arrive 20 min prior to your booking. This allows proper time to complete a short health form and guarantee the full treatment experience
  • For purification you are required to wear your own swimwear and for others activities you may wear a comfortable outfit
  • To maintain a peaceful atmosphere integrated with nature please do not smoke and free alcohol. In addition we kindly ask that you refrain from speaking loudly and please turn off your mobile phone while joining the activities


Br. Dukuh, Jln Raya Munggu Badung Bali; Badung, Bali, Indonesia.

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